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When addressing tongue ties, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of working collaboratively with a tongue tie team for the best possible outcomes. Ties can impact several areas of development from feeding, digestion, sleep, airway, speech, and more. That said, we really need to look at both the mother, baby dyad holistically to address the […]

Who’s Part of your Baby’s Tongue Tie Team?

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Airway, Feeding, Sleep

There’s a lot of misinformation that can lead to confusion when it comes to the topic of tongue ties. I always want to educate and empower parents with information that is evidence-based to help you make informed decisions that best support you and your baby or toddler. Today I’m sharing 3 important things I believe […]

3 Things you NEED to Know about Tongue Ties!

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Feeding, Sleep

One question I get often from parents as a speech-language pathologist and feeding therapist is whether tongue ties can affect starting solids? The short answer is yes, it’s possible! Why? Well, when tongue has limited mobility it can impact a baby’s ability to manipulate and consume solid foods effectively. In this blog post, we will […]

Do Tongue Ties Affect Starting Solids?

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I’m a certified pediatric speech-language pathologist, feeding therapist, lactation consultant, and sleep coach. 

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