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As a speech-language pathologist I get asked many questions about raising bilingual children. Today I’m sharing what I believe all parents should understand about raising a bilingual or multilingual child. 5 Facts about Raising Bilingual Children: 1. Bilingualism does NOT cause speech delays or disorders. Bilingual children are NOT more likely to have difficulties with […]

5 Facts About Raising Bilingual Children

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Did you know your child’s brain undergoes an amazing period of growth and development in their first three years of life? This period is so critical for building connections and language learning. Your baby’s early experiences truly matter! So if you’re wondering what activities you can be doing to support your baby or toddler, I’m […]

3 Simple Language Activities for Babies and Toddlers

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We all know how beneficial routines are (as mundane as they can be sometimes!). Routines provide a natural rhythm to our day, they offer predictability and reduce overall stress. This is especially true for babies and toddlers. They help them feel calm, safe and secure when they know what is coming next. Routines also offer […]

Use Routines to Help Your Baby or Toddler Learn Language!

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Babies all over the world typically begin saying their firsts words around 12 months. What a huge milestone it is for you and your baby. Today, I’m sharing 5 ways you can help your baby learn to say your name! And best way to teach your little one is through hands-on interactions and play. The […]

5 Ways to Help Your Baby Say, Mama!

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While many friends may be mourning the end of summer, I’m sitting at home bundled up in my cozy sweater overjoyed for fall! I love the turning leaves, cooler temps and heading to the pumpkin patch! Especially now during the pandemic, getting outdoors may be the perfect social distancing activity to do with your little […]

Carve out time for the Pumpkin Patch!

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